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Below you will find a link to my Moore Family Genealogy page (which includes families such as Pearson, Fern, Mattice, Terhune and others), a link to my "Moore Music" site to promote my singing performances and a link to the Canadian Letters and Images Project where my father's World War 2 letters and photos are available. You will also find personal photos of interest to friends and family and some samples of my writing through the buttons on the left. I'd love to hear from you so use the feedback button.


Moore Family Reunion  Saturday, 22 June 2013

This year, our biennial family reunion will  focus on “200 Years in Our Ontario Home.”  We have some presentations planned and a visit to the grave of Samuel Moore, our ancestor, in the Norwich Pioneer Cemetery, the old Quaker burial ground in Norwich, Ontario, just east of London. Click the link above and follow the subsequent links for more information, photos from past reunions and the text of Bob Moore's story, "The Trials and Travels of Samuel Moore."  

Moore Family Genealogy

This web page will continually be updated with new information so come back soon. ___________________________________________________________________________

Joe Moore's World War II Collection

My grandmother kept all of my father's letters to home during the times he was away serving in World War II and they eventually came back into his possession. He also kept over 100 photos taken in the areas he travelled and of the men who were with him. Most of these photos were taken by an acquaintance with photographic skills and a good camera. These letters and photos were scanned and the letters were transcribed and the digital files of all these items were submitted to the Canadian Letters & Images Project, a project intending to make letters and photos from the private collections of Canadian veterans of war available on the Internet



Moore Music

This web site is intended to display what I have to offer as a performer to those who may consider hiring me for engagements.

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