This letter was read on the CBC on Arthur Black's Saturday afternoon program.

Subject: "Ya Wanna Marry Me?"

Date: Sat, 05 Dec 1998 15:03:31 -0500

From: Jay Moore


Dear Bob, Cathy and Arthur, 

I'm the guy who went in search of the song I heard on the CBC back in October of '96 so I could sing it to my sweetie, Kathie, when I was ready to pop the question. I said I'd let you all know how things turned out.

 I had been waiting for some of the twists and turns of life to smooth out before I accelerated toward marital bliss but, of course, there's no such thing as a smooth road and, well, there's no time like the present. We sat on the couch, I got my guitar, sang the song and, all choked up, I waited for her answer. "Is this for real?" she said. "It's for real," I said. "Yes," she said and I was a happy man.

 What makes this even more interesting is that I wanted to marry her 28 years ago. We were high school sweethearts, together for three years but we chose some different twists and turns and took separate roads. A few years ago I called her on her birthday (I remembered it every year) and the rest has been our new highway together. We want some time to save our pennies for a big feast so the wedding will be July 1, 2000. I hear that the whole country will be arranging fireworks for our wedding day and all our anniversaries to come!

 To Cathy and Arthur, thanks so much for your help in finding the song and your encouraging words.

 To Bob, I must confess that I have been using an un-paid-for copy of your song to learn the lyrics. Since the song did the trick and since I am weighed down with guilt, I have put an order form and cheque in the mail today to purchase a legit copy of "Gabriola Island VORlX0." I'm already on your Ontario e-mail list and I've got the notes from you and Martha Stewart about the perfect house concert. I will keep it in mind.

 Again, thank you all,

Jay Moore, Happy Man