The Old Man                                         Jay Moore

Am                                                                             November 1979

An old man sat and talked with me                               © 2009

     G                        Am

All dressed in shiny white


I sat and listened, I watched his eyes

E                            E7

Eyes so filled with light


Eyes so filled with light.

He spoke of struggles filled with pain

The pains of being alive

He spoke of Truth, he spoke of Love

He showed me where I’ll arrive  (X 2)

He told me of his dream so real

Coming in the silence of sleep

A dream of dying, a dream of change

A dying much deeper than deep (X 2)

My body chilled, o’ertaken with fear

I saw the place where he would lie

And as I mourned, he said to me

“I’m no longer afraid to die”  (X 2)

I yearned for eyes that could not see

But I had already seen.

I cleared my eyes and then I saw

That this old man was really me (X 2)

DRONE (X 2):

Pluck A string only

I must be what I will be

           E string only           A string

For he will be what he has been.

Repeat first verse.           Repeat drone twice.