Fallin’ Song                                                                                          Jay Moore   

                                                                       14 Oct. 1972

                                                                       © 2009


I feel like I’m fallin’

And I don’t want to stop

‘Cause I know if I keep fallin’

I’m  gonna end up right on top.

I see your face in every place

Nothin’ seems the same

Big blues eyes that tell no lies

Have made my strong legs lame.

Every minute that I spend with you

I want to stretch into days

I feel like I wanna love you so much

Wanna tell you in a million ways.

Wound up tight, can’t think right

You got me in a spin

Flyin’ so high watching clouds float by

Can’t remember where I’ve been.

If I were the king of my land

I’d give up my throne for you

Anything in this whole wide world

Couldn’t take away this love so true.


It’s been so fast, will it last?

Can it be something that’s real?

Too good to be true – then my thoughts brew


And I just think about how…..I…..feel….

Repeat first verse

Repeat last four lines

Repeat first four lines then blues ending.