Waiting                                                                     Jay Moore

                                                                                           1 Jan. 1982

D            B7     E7                                                               © 2009

He went off to high school

A                             D

To get a brand new start

             B7          E7   

Saw the girls all around him

A                                             D

Waiting he thought would be smart.

G                        D

Wait at a dance, wait for a chance

A                                  D     D7

Watch them out on the floor

G           E7     A

Not prepared, just get scared


Boy, what are you waiting for?

One day his girl said, “Goodbye, boy”

He sat down and he cried

Never done her wrong at all

But waiting was all he had tried.

Wait in her home, wait all alone

Wait at her front door

Look all around, stare at the ground

Boy, what are you waiting for?

                            G                       D   

CHORUS: Got a job and a little family

                                      G                                     D

                   Spends his Sundays in football fantasy

                 G                        D                  Bm    

                 Wonders wherever it went wrong

                  D               F#7       G                A        D

                 Something better’s bound to come along.

                 G                       D

                 Wait for a time, wait for a place

                   A                                     D         D7

                  Sit back and wait some more

                  G               E7   A

                  Float in a fog, bump on a log


                 Boy, what are you waiting for?

People all said, “Hey, boy

You’re sure bound to go far

Learn the rules and stay clean

Hands off that cookie jar.

Wait for a sign, read their minds

Don’t you ask for more

Please them all, don’t ever fall

Boy, what are you waiting for?”


Repeat last two lines.